Simplifying Isn’t So Simple

Certainly isn’t as simple as I expected. I’ll have more to say on that another time. Today I simply want to vent my frustration with my weak progress in my ongoing battle of the plastic bags.
The photograph shows what I’ve accumulated just since my last trip to the so-called bag recycling center. Each of those four bags is stuffed with plastic bags. In total there must be a couple of hundred plastic bags – in about two months. I’m appalled at my own weak resolve.
When I go to the store I seem to forget to take my reusable bags. Even then, when I grudgingly accept plastic I end up with more bags than needed. The milk ends up in its own bag. The bread ends up in its own bag. Even when I ask that everything go in one bag I end up with more because they double-bag it unless I intervene.
Part of my new strategy, along with remembering to take my own bag(s), is to bag my purchases myself or insist on no bag if it’s a few items I can manage to carry to the car bagless.

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