Say ‘No’ To Plastic Bags

I’ve  had  it with plastic bags. They are everywhere. Go to the grocery, they’re there. Go to the pharmacy, they’re there.

I went to buy some rice cakes. I’ve not mastered rice cake making, so I’m not “fully realized”! I just wanted some rice cakes. But they came 16 to a (plastic) bag. And my purchase was placed inside another plastic bag.

I let this happen, but I can’t take this much longer. When I got home I found that each plastic bag contained two separate bags. So I ended up with 7 bags. Why do I need these bags? Where do they go when I take them to be “recycled”?

I’m beginning to think that the whole concept of recycling allows us to continue our habit of taking a piece of crap and turning it into another piece of crap. I mean, what happens to a plastic bag when you drop it in the “recycle” bin at the market? And why do we need all this packaging in the first place? Why can’t you go to the market and say, “Hey there Tom, could I get a pound of coffee? Just put it in here. And, ah, maybe five pounds of corn meal . . . here, you can put it in this sack; also, could I get some of that brew? Here’s a jug.”

Why can’t we do that?

I’m beginning to think that relying on recycling just allows us to continue bad habits. “What’s wrong if I buy all this stuff and end up with a cubic yard of packaging? I recycle! I’m not so bad! What about all those other bad people who don’t recycle? Let’s get ’em!”

Just say ‘no’ to plastic bags. In fact, just say ‘no’ to any bag of any kind. Next time I go to the market, I’m gonna say, “No bags, here, (holds out arms) just load me up.”

I was tempted to say ‘a curse on packaging’ but I  think packaging is a curse.

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