Simple And Nutritious

And pretty darn tasty, too. I’m talking about cocoa, not the mix but the raw cocoa powder. (Make sure the container says 100% cocoa.)

It’s still hot where I am but you can enjoy this beverage cold or hot. It’s real simple. You warm up a bit of water – you’ll want to do this otherwise the powder tends to float around and not blend – then add and stir the cocoa in until it starts to thicken just a little. You don’t want it very thick because it’s going to thicken some in the ‘fridg anyhow. Next, a healthy dash – I dash several times – of cinnamon.

This next item may sound odd but you owe it to yourself to try it at least: a few dashes of good cayenne pepper sauce like Tobasco or Trappey’s – nothing with any kind of special flavor. You can use plain cayenne pepper if you want I suppose but I always have several pepper sauces around anyway.

Now you want to taste it. You might need to add a little more of the ingredients to taste. The recipe on the side of the container for hot cocoa will probably call for some salt. I don’t think you really need that.

Now you should have a syrup of sorts that is really high in potassium and no sugar. I mix mine in vanilla soy milk, hot or cold, and have found it much better – and cheaper and nutritious – than any mix. And if you leave out the sugar it will have next to no calories. If you fancy a sweeter mix there are natural sweeteners available, like Stevia, though I’ve never tried it.  (Honey does not a good sweetener make for cocoa – but that’s just me. Plus it’s a bit dicey to get it to blend.) And you can get used to drinking cocoa that has not been sweetened.

Remember to keep the syrup in the ‘fridg, otherwise it will go bad.

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