Simply Elegant

Yesterday afternoon while walking up my sidewalk I saw this beautiful creature. I thought it was a butterfly of some kind. Turned out to be a Luna Moth, I learned with the help of Stephen Stedman at Tennessee Tech. As it happens, seeing them during the day is pretty rare and, while once common, they are endangered in some areas. This one was at the end of its life-cycle. I learned that the adults do not eat after they mature. In fact, they don’t even have mouths. They die within about a week after mating. After taking this picture I sat on the ground near it for some time, a bit astounded at its elegance. I was reluctant to touch it even, it being so delicate. Having never seen one I had no idea they were so lovely, nor so large, the wing-span on this one measuring just under five inches.

Actias luna
Luna Moth (Actias luna)
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2 Responses to Simply Elegant

  1. osopher says:

    The simple life = taking time to notice the Luna Moths in your path and to be curious about them… whatever the shape & size of your abode. I’ve never seen one either. Beautiful.

  2. relaxshax says:

    Truly fascinating creatures! We’ve caught a few before, up near my VT camp, while trying to save them from blindly flying into the campfire- but in the end, they always head right into the flames regardless. Talked about a flawed drive! Its sad…

    Cool blog- and best of luck with it!
    Thanks for the blog roll add- when I get some time, and draw from some sanity in reserve, I’ll update mine, and add you, as I have a few others I’ve been meaning to add. If you don’t see it in a few weeks- remind me.

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